System Sizing Estimator
Select size in cubic feet. With an icemaker, select the next larger size.
How many persons are using it? 2 persons is average use (35% run time).
Select a screen size. If it's LCD, select the next smaller size.
How many hours per day is the TV on?
Select a MicroWave Oven based on Power rating (Wattage).
How many minutes per day is the MicroWave used?
Add wattage of lights in all rooms. (four 60 watt bulbs =240 watts)
How many hours per day are the lights on?
LCD displays use less wattage than CRT types. Printers and/or sound systems will increase wattage.
How many hours per day is the computer used?
This section allows you to add power usage from 25 to 1500 watts for extra items or items not included above.
How many hours per day is the device used?
* Number of Solar Panels (80-100 watt)  =
* Number of Batteries (12v @ 105 AH)  =
Refrigerator watts = WattHours =
Television watts    = WattHours =
MicroWave watts = WattHours =
House lights watts = WattHours =
Computer system = WattHours =
Misc items watts  = WattHours =
 Summary of WattHours required
Total daily WattHours required     =
WattHours required for 3 days     =
Battery capacity (50% discharge) =
 Battery Bank size in AmpHours
12 Volt 24 Volt 48 Volt
* NOTE: The number of Solar Panels required is based on a typical 90 watt panel. The batteries are assumed to be standard 12 volt @ 105 amphours.
DISCLAIMER : Alway make sure that all of your equipment is properly fused and grounded for safety. Also, be sure to read and follow the advice and instructions that come with your equipment. Additionally, our Design Tools, while reasonably accurate, are not meant as a substitute for the recommendations of a licensed electrician. We provide these Design Tools as a guide only and to assist in the explanation of the information presented. We do not warrant their accuracy where equipment is improperly installed or operated under extreme or unusual conditions.