How Does Solar Panel Work; Easy Explanation

According to experts, the Earth receives up to 10,000 times more solar energy than is required for human consumption at any given time. This demonstrates how much solar energy can be used.

How solar energy works easy explanation

Solar power is commonly known for generating power or other uses such as heating. But what about the how? This is a question that is frequently overlooked. We’ll explain how the sun’s rays can end up powering a laptop or any other item in a home.


Photovoltaic Solar Energy: Basic Aspects

Photovoltaic solar energy, which is only available when the sun shines (in terms of generation), is what permits it to be captured from sunlight and converted into power to fulfil the demands of any home or commercial surface.

All of this is made possible by the photovoltaic effect, which is essential for generating electricity from the sun. Several factors are at work here. The first is the particles that make up the sunshine (photons) and their action on solar panels, which causes electrons to be liberated.

Solar Cell
Solar Cell

There are two parts to solar cells: one that has negative electrons and the other that has positive ones. They are mixed with other things like phosphorus and boron to make them.

During sunlight, photons can move electrons from parts where there is a lot of negative charge to parts where there isn’t.

As the photons release more and more electrons, more and more electricity is made. Electrons that haven’t been used go back to the negative panel, making everything start again in a never-ending loop.


Photovoltaic solar panels

Panels are very important in this mechanism. The process described above happens in small parts of the solar panel, which comprises many solar cells made of silicon or other materials.


Thus, the panels on which the light falls are made up of many small cells that make up modules and then panels. Many people already know this: the more panels we install, the more electricity is made. One of the most important parts of any installation is to figure out how many panels you need. If you add too many, the costs will go up even though there isn’t a need. On the other hand, if you install fewer panels by accident, you won’t get enough energy to meet your needs.


Another Key Step: Energy Conversion

Electricity has already been explained, but there is still a very important thing to talk about. There are two types of electricity: direct and indirect. Direct electricity comes from the photovoltaic panels. It will have to be changed to alternating electricity to power your home’s different appliances and equipment.

Solar Inverter

How can it be done? An important part of any solar energy system is the inverter, which is also important. Many people call this part of the team the “brain of the system.” They play such an important role in everything that many people call them that.

The inverter changes the direct current into alternating current, which can be used in the home, business, or anywhere else a solar kit is installed. This technology can also drive energy into the power grid or into storage batteries, which is important because sunlight doesn’t shine for 24 hours.

The sun is the most dynamic source of energy, and it is growing worldwide. Furthermore, the trend will only get bigger and bigger. So, anyone who wants to use solar energy to meet their needs and get off the list of people who still use electricity from fossil sources will have to get into this world and learn as much as possible about it.

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